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Creative English Language Interactive Tutoring- Cel IT™

All learners need to engage in real life experiences that are meaningful, interesting and fun.
Learners should be involved in directing their own learning as this will give them a sense of ownership
Learning is about discovering, inquiring, connecting and making meaning from many different contexts.
Understanding with empathy and compassion and constructing own reality.
This philosophy resonates in four key concepts in the new curriculum and is in all our units of work. Just in case you are wondering – these are:


‘creativity’ – providing purposeful opportunities for students to experiment, build on ideas or follow their own interests.
‘competence’ – providing opportunities for students to communicate effectively and function in a wide range of situations and contexts.
‘cultural understanding’ – providing opportunities for students to explore the culture of their society, the groups in which they participate and questions of local and national identity, and
‘critical understanding’ – allows students to challenge ideas, interpretations and assumptions on the grounds of logic, evidence or argument, and is essential if they are to form and express their own ideas and their own views.


Make a Difference in your classroom.

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Make fresh connections between ideas, experiences, texts and words,

drawing on a rich experience of language and literature.

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